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Some valuable ways to use your gift cards
Some valuable ways to use your gift cards

Some valuable ways to use your gift cards

Use gift card to pay certain bills


Don’t be a goof and hide your cards in the drawers and wait for the right time when you can actually use them. It totally depends on two facts that kind of the gift cards you have and what kind of the retailer you choose, you can even pay back the balance by utilizing the card. This can only be done if the card you have been gifted is a debit card. Utilize money on the crockery, or on buying various stuff and let the bank pay it for you only if you have this card. One more thing can be done is that the card can be transformed into money.


  • Vend them

There are many sites which are offering an exchange for your cards. Yes now you can sell or buy the cards from certain sites. If you want to buy anything then use this card and get few bucks off on certain items. The retailers can transform card into money and use it the way they want. The prices of these cards fluctuate like the price of the dollar so it may benefit to a lot of people. Before, you plan on to buy or selling just check the market because the rates fluctuate quite often.


  • Exchange your card with your friends or family

If you have some trustworthy people in your friends circle then trade the card with them. You can sell the card and get the money instead. Again before setting up this deal check the status of the money.


  • Check the remaining balance

If you have doubt about the remaining balance then you can simply visit the website of the company which has issued you this card. There are certain apps that will help you in this regard. One such app is GoWallet. This site will not only check your balance but you can also exchange your card through this app.


  • Use your card via cell phone

Now there is no need to keep the card in your wallet all the time because now you can use your card on your cell phone. Simply download the app of GoWallet and use your card through this app. Just enter the number and get access through your cell phone.


  • Charity the card

One great way of utilizing the card is to charity it. Yes even if you have some bucks in your cards there are many charity houses that will accept the card. There may be many charity houses but few of them accept the gift cards so before donating the card do a little research.


  • Gift it

You can also gift this card to someone who needs it.  It would be best birthday gift indeed. Or you can use this card to buy gifts for your loved ones. This will indeed make someone happy and in this way you can use your card for some good purpose.



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