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Service Desk AgentFC0068630

To provide a single point of contact for users, dealing with the management of both routine and non- routine Incidents, Problems and requests. Provision of 1st line support for incidents.
Key Accountabilities
o Is familiar with the key components of the service(s) being supported.
o Provides a single point of contact for all users of the service.
o Ensures that a continuously high level of customer satisfaction is achieved.
o Receives calls at the Service Desk and undertakes dialogue with the user, ensuring standard Service Desk scripts are followed.
o Ensures that contingency plans are understood and followed in the event that the Service Desk tool is unavailable.
o Provides users with status reports on existing Incidents, ensuring the Incident record is updated accordingly.
o Identifies new requests that are not Incidents and manage them appropriately:

  • If the request is a Change Request (RFC), initiate the Change Management process
  • If the request is a Service Request(RfS), initiate the Standard Change / Service Request process

o Monitors auto-generated incidents from event / alert monitoring, ensuring that they are correctly prioritised and action taken accordingly.
o Contacts Resolver groups to progress Incident, Problem and Change chases initiated by the user.
o Reviews resolution details and take responsibility for closure of all Incidents:

  • Contacts the user for agreement to close, ensuring the ?3 strikes and out? policy is employed.
  • Checks the Incident classification and reset as necessary
  • Enters Incident closure details, and mark the Incident as closed, ensuring appropriate closure codes are used.

o Raises Incidents to address unsuccessful Service Requests.
o Understands and operates escalation procedures – escalates and progresses incidents as required whilst keeping the user informed.
o Records Incidents/Changes/Service Requests within the Incident Management tool and assigns to the appropriate Resolver.
o Ensures new Incident records are opened for all ?legitimate? Incidents.
o Ensures that users do not have multiple Incident records open for the same issue.
o Ensures correct contact details are recorded on all Incidents.
o Captures accurate descriptions of all new Incidents/Changes/Service Requests, classifies them correctly and applies the appropriate classification codes.
o Where an Incident has been generated by a third party or other Service Desk, ensures the external reference number has been captured.
o Ensures Incidents which are chargeable or out of scope are flagged as such.
o Identifies Incidents that require management through additional processes:

  • If the Incident is a Major Incident, set the MI flag and initiate the MI process
  • If the Incident is a complaint, initiate the Complaints process

o Reviews and links Incidents to MI records or ?parent? Incidents as necessary, ensuring that the user is made aware of the MI / parent reference number and the Incident logs are updated accordingly.
o Identifies any resolved Incidents which are potential candidates for the Knowledge Base and ensures the Incident record is flagged accordingly.
o Ensures Incident records are kept up to date throughout the life of the Incident, additional information is documented as it becomes available, and progress updates/user chases and other actions are taken towards resolution.
o Ensures that Incidents which are resolved without leaving the Service Desk are flagged as being a ?First Time Fix?.
o Receives successfully completed Incidents/Changes/Service Requests and closes the record accordingly.
o Executes required tracking of knowledge base usage and opportunites (voting and rating as required) as well as Sense and Respond activites/actions.
o Ensures accurate priority values are generated for all Incidents by selecting the correct number of users affected by the Incident, and ascertaining the urgency of the Incident through dialogue with the user.
o Performs initial investigation and analysis on all new Incidents.

  • Searches for Known Errors within the Knowledge Base and implements a solution where possible.
  • Uses existing skills and knowledge to provide a resolution.

o Passes unresolved Incident records to Resolver groups or 3rd Party for further investigation and resolution.

  • Checks auto-assignment of Resolver, amend as necessary and transfer Incident.
  • If no auto-assignment, identifies Resolver and transfers Incident.
  • If no appropriate Resolver can be identified, refers Incident to Service Desk Expert; if 2nd line cannot assist, refers Incident to Service Desk Team Manager for assignment.

o Where the user does not agree to closure, progresses Incidents to the ITIL Process Controller.
Key Performance Indicators

  • Significant time spent dealing with customer on the phone
  • Must be able to interface internally and externally
  • Works as part of a team and contributes to team targets
  • Expected to be flexible in covering shifts
  • Typical career path will be to Service Desk Expert or ITIL Process Controller.
  • Handle phone calls, emails and other portal interaction tools with agreed SLA
  • Perform all duties in accordance to required quality
  • Participate in knowledge capture processes
  • Correct use of escalation to Service Desk Expert as per desk procedures

Required Knowledge and Experience

  • Proficiency in [certain foreign language] and good command of English
  • Knowledge of various software and applications (minimum: Windows environment and MS Office package)
  • Interpersonal skills crucial for working in a customer service centre such as: excellent communication skills, readiness to work flexible hours, customer orientation, teamwork, sense of urgency, optimism and enthusiasm
  • No previous experience necessary

Core Skills
Professional Competencies

  • Basic Service Knowledge.
  • Customer Relationship ? able to establish quick working relationships/empathy with customers.
  • Communication ? listening, ability to communicate clearly with customers, colleagues and managers.
  • Problem Solving ? understands and resolves basic problems.
  • Drive and determination.
  • Tolerant.
  • Time Management.
  • Team Working ? team player.
  • Technical knowledge (e.g. Microsoft Office, PCs basic networking).
  • Has a flexible approach and works well under pressure.
  • Business Awareness.
  • Understanding of business continuity processes.

Job Type Experienced
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