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Role of electronics in life
Role of electronics in life

Role of electronics in life


Today is a world of modern technology and world of advancements. Today world has changed a lot compared to past. It is not wrong to say that it is a world of electronic goods. These goods have become an essential part of life and people today cannot think about living a life without these goods. The existence of these goods has made life very fast and easy. People can do many things in less time. So it saves people’s time and energy. Today even the simplest task is dependent on electronics. Almost every household is having multiple electronics at their homes. However people have not realized how much they are dependent on such goods and they are relying on them even for the simplest tasks. They dons know the main reason for their easy life is these goods. In past people had no such facility and they had to perform every task with their hands that used to take most of the time of their day? Those people had never thought that if future life would get that easy. This is the results of advancements and research that we are having many new things that have made life much better compared to past.

Everyday activities

People if check how they start their daily routine they will find that the first task they performed in a day are also relying on electronics and the last task of the day is also relying on electronics. And people today cannot even think of life without such utilities. It includes everything that we are using today it includes TV, Fridge, ovens, transports, computers, phones etc. if you think about how many electronics you use in a day you will name at least 10 items. So world today is largely dependent on such products.


Considering the importance of such products it is evident that people are able to save their time due to the availability of such goods. They get up and the first coffee they make is also made on a coffee maker and when they leave for work the transport they use is also among one of these products. Life has become fast because of these utilities. People are taking good advantage of these goods and they are able to live a better life style. Today a concept of better life style includes all the electronics that are necessary for life. And it is also known that people having good living standards will be having all electronics that are needed for life today. A study revealed that people having more number of electronics will be having a better living standard compared to people who are having less number of electronics.


In modern age electronic goods are found all over the world and every household is dependent on such goods. These utilities have improved our life styles and provided us better living conditions compared to our ancestors. If we exclude these utilities from our lives we can imagine surviving.

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