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Popularity of gift cards
Popularity of gift cards

Popularity of gift cards

It is an old tradition of this world that people exchange cards with each other on some special occasions. They common occasions on which people sent cards to their loved ones are Christmas, new year, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings etc. there are special events of life and people want to make them memorable for that reason they like share cards with people. Cards are exchanged among people of all ages it includes children’s, adults, and even older people. In past the cards used for such purposes were simple and people preferred to share handmade cards as they were a sign of love and contentment. When a person designed a card for someone special it involved their time, skills and efforts. And the person who received the card was really happy and privileged. Gift card commonly used these days are designed under special graphics that enhances the quality of the cards. With new advancements and new technology people never stopped exchanging cards with their loved ones. When someone wanted to make someone feel special they give them cards that consist of some words of kindness and love.

Banks giving gift cards

Today the trend of giving cards is changed and many retailers and many manufacturers provide the facility of such cards to customers. These cards are being used in place of cash as it is easy for people to carry cards on shopping rather than cash. These are commonly pre- paid cards that are provided by almost all top banks including citi bank, central bank, ICICI, HDFC etc. the banks issue cards to their customers that are having a defined range and people can use cards anywhere within the mentioned limits. This is very convenient and portable for customers as they don’t have to carry huge amounts of cash with them and their money will be safe until they make a transaction through cards.

How it works

All top banks are giving their customers these cards they can go anywhere and the amount will be deducted from their cards when they make a payment. There are many benefits of gift card. People can even end gifts to their loved ones online via using these cards this will save their time and money too as some of the banks are offering discounts on such cards. But one should be having appropriate information about the limits and terms of use. People cannot make transactions that are out of balance so people can only make payments that are within the credit limit.

If you lost card

If a gift card is lost the bank provides several options that are helpful for customers. On the first stage the customer must report the bank that he is missing his card so the bank makes the card inactive. The cards holder has to report than to police about the missing card and file an FIR police will try to find the card and bank will issue a new card to the customer and that has a different number.


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