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iPhone: Apple responds to demands from parents

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More Control for Parents on iPhone & Co.? Apple praises improvement in its products.

A pple devices are hugely popular in children's rooms and schoolyards. But the iPhone and iPad are not only for children as a telephone and for research on the Internet, but above all for leisure activities. Many apps and games keep the little ones busy for many hours, but there is no real protection against unwanted content on the Internet. This is what an investor group pointed out with the campaign “Think Differently About Kids.”

iPhone: Control functions come – sometime

The group – consisting of Jana Partners LLC and the California State Teachers' Retirement System – wishes for more Control functions for parents. So the limitation of the daily service life is in the focus of the demands in particular. Monitoring is also an important topic, for example to monitor children's activities on Apple's devices. Now the company from Cupertino, California, has commented – and praised improvement. Corresponding functions are on the agenda for upcoming updates. However, Apple also refers to the current iOS version, in which parents are already able to block all sorts of content. When Apple implements the changes in iOS, is not known.

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