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GAP gift card balance
GAP gift card balance

GAP gift card balance

Keep a check with your GAP gift card balance

About GAP

GAP is world-famous clothing brand which deals in clothing and accessories for men, women and kids. For decades now, GAP has remained to be a favorite for families to wear. The fabrics that it uses include cotton, wool and denim mostly. All these materials are easily washable. The GAP logo is printed across each item sold under the brand name. The logo is the trademark of the brand. The prices for the goods offered by GAP are also very affordable. The thing which makes the whole shopping experience with GAP even better are the gift cards introduced by it in the recent years. The gift cards offered by GAP allow the consumers to enjoy heavy discounts on their shopping. Moreover, the GAP gift card balance can also be easily checked by a number of easy modes.

Over the years, GAP has managed to deal in many domains. It has also expanded and is now available for online shopping. Discounts offered by gift cards can also be enjoyed online. If one does not wish to avail the discounts, he or she may claim the complementary gifts that come on the gift card.

GAP gift cards

GAP gift card balance
GAP gift card balance

The GAP gift cards work as rechargeable cards that allow discounts and complimentary gifts on every purchase that you make. These little cards can be used personally or can be gifted to others. The discount services on the GAP gift cards can be availed by in-house shopping at any GAP outlet. This card can also be used while online shopping for GAP products. These cards are rechargeable so that you can continue enjoying discounts while shopping with your favorite brand.

Modes of Balance checking

GAP offers a lot of modes through which you can check the remaining balance on your gift cards. Before you wish to check the available balance, make sure you have the required details with you such as your card number, pin number (printed across the aback of the gift card) and date of birth which may be asked for in some cases. To check GAP gift card balance, you can follow any one of the following easy methods.

Through purchase receipt

When you make in-house purchases with GAP, you are given a receipt with has the details of the products you have bought along with the total amount you paid. Whether you choose to pay with your gift card or through cash, the receipt has the remaining balance written on it.

Check balance online

You can check the balance online as well while shopping online for GAP products. For doing so you will be required to enter the pin code mentioned on the back of your card along with a few additional details such as your identity card number and date of birth. For the convenience of the customers, detailed instructions are available on the website with which you are shopping.

Check balance in store

You can also check the remaining credit card balance by giving you card pin number to the sales person at any GAP outlet.

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