[Full-time] Case Worker at Wood County

Location: Wisconsin
Case Worker – Paternity

Location: County Courthse WR

FT/PT: Full-time 38.75hrs/week – WRS Eligible

Deadline to apply: 10/27/19

Hiring Range: $20.96/hr to $23.96/hr

Job Responsibilities:

Performs para-professional level work to provide child support services to clients by managing cases and preparing legal documents in the establishment and enforcement of child support court orders. Perform related duties using Kids Information Data System (KIDS) computer, including the collection of information, maintain records, secure court orders, locate and interview involved parties.

  • Monitor caseloads for needed intervention and/or enforcement on an ongoing basis. Respond to inquiries from clients; educate clients on various policies, procedures, statutes and laws associated with Child Support guidelines.
  • Provide exceptional customer service to Child Support clients. Work effectively with other Child Support staff and the general public.
  • Interview applicants and absent parents; contact parents regarding the existence of an obligation, the birth of a child and collect data relevant to the absent parent?s ability to pay child support or obtain health insurance.
  • Locate absent parents for the purpose of establishing or enforcing support obligations. Access Agency computer systems for locate purposes and case management.
  • Establish Paternity, secure court orders for support, testify in court as necessary. Enforce court ordered child support obligations; identify delinquent income withholding. Initiate and send income withholding orders. Negotiate settlements as appropriate.
  • Lien docket enforcement including recreational and professional license suspension, account seizures and placing and releasing liens on real property, passport denial and alternative payment plans.
  • Schedule appointments for genetic testing. Administer court ordered and stipulated genetic tests, and in alternate locations for participants who lack access to transportation. Mail samples within one day. Complete genetic testing chain of custody; and order testing supplies. When results are received, contact the parties involved and notify them of results. Contact lab personnel as necessary. Prepare administrative orders for genetic tests.
  • Draft and file pleadings to set cases for court. Attend paternity hearings, draft court orders once paternity is adjudicated by the court.
  • Complete vital statistic forms after adjudication to enter the father?s name on the child?s birth record and provide Acknowledgement of Paternity forms to parents to enter the father?s name on the child?s birth record.
  • Responsible to know and practice the Safety policies of the County. Perform all job tasks in a safe and prescribed manner.

Job Qualifications:

High School graduate or equivalent; minimum of one to two years post-secondary education; or an equivalent amount of work experience that demonstrates a proficiency in explaining complex information, and in eliciting financial, social, medical and other sensitive personal information. Interviewing skills are essential for determining the outcome of monetary issues as well as eliciting sensitive personal information; as is an ability to follow strict rules of confidentiality. Ability to operate a personal computer and other computer systems is required to input specific case information. Demonstrated ability to function under stressful situations. Must be able to add, subtract, divide and calculate percentages to determine child support payments and arrears. Basic everyday living skills are needed, as is the ability to understand and follow complex oral and written directions and effectively communicate applicable state statutes and child support regulations. Reading and writing is needed for interpreting and explaining laws, regulations and for writing concise file notes and claims requests. Must have access to transportation to travel at various times.

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