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Executive Assistant to the Board of Education

Frederick County Public Schools
in Maryland
(Published at 02-12-2019)

      All education that is indicated on your application must be supported by attaching a scanned copy of your high school diploma, high school transcript or college transcript.

      Required Qualifications:

      Education, Training, Experience

      • Associate of Arts (AA) degree in Communication/Office Technology or related field. Equivalent certifications/training/experience will be considered in lieu of an AA degree.
      • Seven (7) years of successful direct administrative experience.
      • Experience with drafting correspondence in response to a broad variety of stakeholder requests for information.
      • Experience with developing and monitoring budgets and purchase orders.
      • Demonstrated proficiency utilizing computers and related technology including, but not limited to, Microsoft Office Suite, Outlook, Google Docs, and the internet for work-related research.
      • Outstanding organizational skills as demonstrated by the ability to schedule, track assignments, and deliver products and services in a timely, efficient, and effective manner.
      • Experience interfacing with a broad variety of stakeholders.

      Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

      • Knowledge and use of culturally responsive practices.
      • Demonstrated problem-solving skills.
      • Demonstrated commitment to quality stakeholder service.
      • Ability to prioritize and complete complex tasks and assignments independently and in a timely manner.
      • Ability to be flexible and adapt to changing situations.
      • Excellent interpersonal skills including, but not limited to, the ability to work with diverse stakeholders (e.g., parents, general public, community advocates, media, staff, elected officials, etc.).
      • Exceptional oral and written communication skills including, but not limited to, a thorough knowledge of business English and proficiency in composing and editing documents.
      • Ability to research and develop complex reports.
      • Ability to take initiative, use independent judgment, and demonstrate discretion in performing duties.
      • Ability to handle confidential and highly sensitive information with unquestionable professionalism and tact.
      • Ability to plan proactively, anticipate needs, and seek creative solutions to administrative issues.
      • Ability to remain calm under pressure and maintain neutrality in controversial situations.
      • Ability to work flexible hours including frequent evenings and some weekends.
      • Capable of performing the essential functions of the position with or without reasonable accommodations.
      • Regular and predictable attendance.

      Preferred Qualifications:

      Education, Training, Experience

      • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science (BA/BS) degree in Communication/Office Technology or related field. Equivalent certifications/training/experience will be considered in lieu of the BA/BS degree.
      • Experience with office management relative to a board of education and/or local or state government agency.
      • Experience with BoardDocs.

      Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

      • Understanding of Open Meetings Act.
      • Knowledge of policy making process relative to a board of education and/or local or state government agency.
      • Knowledge of the general organization and functions of the Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) including its policies, strategic goals, initiatives, and programs.
      • Demonstrated evidence of continuous professional growth.

      Essential Functions:
      Under the direction of Board of Education (Board) Officers (President/Vice-President), the Executive Assistant to the Board has the primary responsibility for the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of the Board. The Executive Assistant exercises exceptionally sound discretion and judgment while assisting the Board with the performance of its duties.

      Reporting directly to the Board Officers, the Executive Assistant performs, as a minimum, the following duties:

      • Oversees day-to-day administration of the Board office.
        • Performs administrative and secretarial duties necessary for the efficient and effective functioning of the office.
        • Develops and maintains the Board?s schedule of appointments to align with established priorities.
        • Makes arrangements for meetings, conferences, travel, etc. for the Board and provides related documentation essential for events.
        • Acts as an intermediary for the Board with regard to communication with staff, community members, and elected officials by providing prompt and courteous responses.
        • Serves as critical link to the Superintendent?s Office by ensuring good communication and the alignment of goals and school system expectations.
        • Oversees the document management process for the office and ensures that documents are disseminated and/or delegated for appropriate review, response, or other action.
        • Composes correspondence on behalf of the Board.
        • Reviews documents on behalf of the Office of the Ombuds for Board consideration.
        • Maintains the Board?s financial accounts.
        • Maintains the Office of the Ombuds financial accounts.
        • Maintains confidentiality in all matters related to the operation of the Board.
        • Understands the Maryland Open Meetings Act and responds to routine questions.
        • Ensures Board committees? agendas, minutes, and meeting notifications are posted in a timely manner and in compliance with the Open Meetings Act.
      • Manages Information Gathering and Dissemination.
        • Gathers and disseminates data and other essential information to the Board in a timely and efficient manner.
        • Manages the development and quality of materials needed for Board meetings and events including, but not limited to, agendas, minutes, presentations, research, and other relevant documents.
        • Ensures minutes of specified meetings are recorded accurately and maintained appropriately.
        • Provides support for and conducts research related to special projects for the Board.
        • Summarizes the content of incoming material to assist Board members with policy development and decision-making.
        • Ensures any communication on behalf of the Board to the Superintendent, senior staff, and/or community is relevant, accurate, and timely.
      • Performs other duties, as assigned by the Board Officers, which are consistent with the scope and nature of the position.


      • Administrative, Management, and Technical Scale, Grade 4, 12-month position (260 days per year / 8 hours per day)
      • Starting Salary $62,014

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