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Electronics – A journey throughout the years
Electronics – A journey throughout the years

Electronics – A journey throughout the years

Electronics isa field of science that deal with the generation of electricity and methods that can be used to control electrical power. Electrons are particles of space that play a key role in the understanding and improvement of electronics. Most commonly, electronic devices are used for the implementation of the electrical components which include diodes, conductors, semi-conductors, transistors and circuits.

Known History of Electronics

Its history roots back into the early twentieth century. These were the times when there were merely a few selected components in hand, namely the circuit, transistor and vacuum tubes. These components were established as the basis for astonishing discoveries later onwards in the coming years. 1883 marked as the crucial most years in the history of electronics when electrons were discovered in vacuum.

These electrons later became the core of all major discoveries. This discovery was the benchmark and thus led to one innovation after another. Following the electrons, diodes were discovered and this was closely followed by the invention of telegraph and long-distance radio. This happened in 1901. Not far was the discovery of radio waves and frequencies. As soon as scientists became aware of frequency modulation and changes, this led to the invention of color television.

Electronic Devices

Throughout the years, electronics has advanced a lot as a discipline and has emerged as one of the most impactful field of science with one invention after another that proved to be revolutionary to human life. We know that the benchmark discovery in the field of electronics will always be the discovery of electrons but this is not where the work stopped. Instead, it progressed and till this day, inventions are being made with the help of the existing knowledge and improvements in it. The most prominent electronic devices that have emerged till date include capacitors, inductors, resistors, diodes, transistors, amplifiers, circuits, radiations, oscillators, arithmetic units, power supplies etc.

Importance of Electronics

The importance of electronics can never be denied. It is a major influence on our everyday life and life activities. The mobile phones we use, the computers and laptops which have become a necessity for survival, correspondence and communication are all inventions of electronics.

Moreover, electronics has an in-depth impact on the medical science as well and all the latest technology used in the medical and surgical procedures is only made possible with the help of electronics. Thus we owe a lot to it. Technology can provide a useful competitive advantage for the business. All applications of electronics involve the transmission of energy, power and information as well. With a continuous demand in the security as a result of terrorism and threats, the security and intelligence systems also use electronics.

Some of the major influential and emerging technologies include wireless, satellite and internet communication, nanotechnology, embedded systems, display techniques, robotics and advance dispensation.

It is also related to all other field of science that can never survive alone without alliance to electronics technology. These branches include chemical, aeronautical, electrical, mechanical, civil and computer sciences.


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