Happy Wheels unblocked: Play Total Jerkface HappyWheels Demo game 2

Happy Wheels unblocked: Play Total Jerkface HappyWheels Demo game 2

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Happy Wheels unblocked: Play Total Jerkface HappyWheels Demo game 2

Play Total Jerkface Happy Wheels Unblocked Demo game online at School. Happy wheel demo 2 is a racing action fun game offered by totaljerkface.com. You can play it 247 online at petranobel.org. Happy Wheels demo is a physics based platform browser game which is developed by Fancy Force & Created by Jim Bonacci in 2010.

Total Jerkface Happy Wheels Unblocked Demo Game Info:

soooooo... here's my new game, Happy Wheels Unblocked. I've worked on it part-time since nearly 4 years ago (arrrrg). It's still not finished. It most likely never will be. That's ok... I still laugh when the fat woman explodes. Hopefully I'm not alone here. This will be an anti-climactic silent launch. I won't be promoting at all until I add a few more things to it (like sound). Actually, there are a ton of things I want to add in there. Characters, levels, editor items, cinematics, more gore... but I couldn't push things back any further without making what I have public, now that the game is fully functional. Since last summer, between free time and freelance work, I've only been able to work on the site itself and the game's menu interfaces. Now that that is finished, It will be nice to go back to the more fun stuff. I'll be putting in sound next week. Following that I will most likely add some better terrain options to the level editor... then go back to making stupid characters. Anyways, I'm very happy to have it up. I'm entirely numb to the game and no longer have an opinion of my own towards it. Hoping everyone enjoys it (the 5 of you who still visit my site) and it eventually develops a bit of a community.

Most Recent Happy Wheels unblocked game's Update

So for the sake of ourselves making some more interesting IOS levels, I made couple small changes in the flash level editor. They mostly all involve the harpoon gun:
  • Harpoon guns can now be set to a fixed angle of your choosing. The turret will only aim in one direction, and will fire as soon as a human target crosses it's cleared path. There is no path prediction when firing at the target, so the harpoon has a lower chance of being fatal. This will make it easier to have characters jump over a bunch of harpoons without causing instant death.
  • Harpoon guns can now be fired with triggers. It is also possible to set it so this is the only way the harpoon will fire.
  • Triggers can also be used to activate and deactivate the harpoon gun.
  • A little light now signals the state of the harpoon gun. Red is normal, blue is a fixed angle harpoon gun, green means it will be fired by triggers only, and black is deactivated.
  • Boost panels now have a variable power setting. They were originally set to 20, and now go from 10 to 100.

some New stuff

Hey...please ignore the over dramatic message in the preloader from Mochi Media. Happy Wheels Unblocked for school is NOT provided by Mochi Media, and is in no danger of shutting down. They are one of several ad networks the site uses. The message assumes the owner of the site is not the developer of the game, and is pasted into every game on the internet making use of Mochi ads. I will update my preloader to remove them before the 31st. Besides that I just uploaded this new video to give you some ideas for new level possiblities with the new features... If you're not aware of what was added, please look at the news post below. While making the video I came across some issues while trying to make examples. As of today I actually added in a couple things:
  • Sounds activated by triggers can now play from the location of the trigger. If the trigger is nowhere near the player's current position, you won't hear the sound.
  • I changed mostly all of my arrays to vectors. Vectors are more efficient Arrays in actionscript. I've wanted to do this for like 18 years. This should improve performance somewhat.
  • Minor bug fixes that would be really boring to describe and hear.

polygons and vehicles and stuff

I should have written a few news posts since the last one, but I didn't. Since then a few things have been added to the game. Polygon shapes have been available for a while now. There has been a lot of confusion with there usage so I will try to clarify things in a nice list: - There is a big difference in functionality when changing the polygon tool from interactive and non-interactive. If you're telling me the polygon tool is broken, you probably didn't uncheck interactive when attempting to draw. - Interactive polygons are limited in their shape. Shapes can only be convex polygons. This means no inner angle of any vertex can be over 180 degrees, and no edges can overlap each other. Shapes must also be drawn in a clockwise manner and have 10 vertices max. This is done in order to not break the physics of the game. - Non-interactive shapes have nothing to do with physics, so they have no limitations other than the number of vertices (50). Click while holding shift to end the non-interactive shape early without filling it. You can use this to draw lines. - Use ctrl+click to remove the last vertex you placed with the polygon tool. - You cannot change the interactive value once a polygon shape is placed. This was an easier solution than checking if your random art piece obeyed the physics rules, which it probably did not. (also, slight laziness) - Polygons can't be scaled. There were too many things to consider in order for me to allow it. However, there's no size restriction on them... they just have to fit on stage. That's the end of the list. There's now a much improved color selector in the editor. When you choose a certain color, a brightness and saturation spectrum is displayed. Left to right is saturation, and up and down determine brightness. The brightest, most saturated version of that hue will be always be at the top right. You can save and delete custom colors with the plus and minus buttons. Additionally, when dragging colors on the spectrum, you can drag off of the color selector and grab colors from anything in the background. And finally, there is the new vehicle feature. When selecting a group containing that contains at least one interactive shape, you now have the option of converting that group into a controllable vehicle. Any character you eject can control this vehicle once they've grabbed onto it. I think I will start a new list: - When first creating a vehicle, you'll notice all of the interactive shapes inside will glow blue. These shapes will act as the handles for the vehicle. If you'd only like for one particular shape (such as a steering wheel) to act as the handle, double click into the group and disable the handle property for the other shapes. - Leaning is set to zero by default, so be sure to raise this if you'd like the user to be able to lean left and right on the vehicle. - Pressing up and down while operating the vehicle will operate attached joints. So for example, a wheel is placed on stage (not inside the vehicle), and then attached to the vehicle with a joint. The wheel's top speed and direction are determined by the joint's properties, not the vehicle's. - Joints attached to a vehicle can be set so they are not controlled by the vehicle. - Jets and arrowguns that are jointed to the vehicle can be controlled. Set spacebar, shift, and ctrl abilities in the vehicle properties. - If you'd like to limit the rotation of a jet attached to the vehicle, it's best to set the joint limits to 0 and 0. This will allow the jet to rotate, but it will stay in the correct angle relative to the vehicle. - You can actually attach vehicles to each other with joints, and they will be controlled by each other. I haven't done anything too crazy with this, but I imagine you can do some very cool stuff. I might also make it so any joint connected to a vehicle indirectly (a joint connected to a shape that is joined to a vehicle elsewhere) could be controlled by the vehicle. With this you could make a whole chain of joints flex or retract upon keypresses. That would have to be cool... I think. OK! I think that's the end of it. This may be my longest post. Vehicles have been cool, but I definitely think I have to add some better sounds in there. Perhaps adding a sound property to running joints, and possibly selectable impact sounds for shapes. In any case, I'm seeing a lot of very cool stuff being made with the new tools. On Saturday, the top 50 for the day were all pretty great. I don't know if I've ever seen that before. Thanks so much to everyone participating. A higher quality community will definitely inspire others and lead to even better submissions.

Happy Wheels unblocked for school iOS version In Progress…

Happy Wheels unblocked demo game for iOS has been in development for quite some time now and the results are looking really good. On my iPhone 4S it's running fairly consistently at 60 FPS which results in buttery smooth physics and responsive gameplay. The onscreen controls feel pretty natural and are noninvasive. I personally think Happy Wheels unblocked has never looked better than on the iPad’s Retina display. Here are some details, although they are subject to change.Characters and levels We’re going to launch with 6 characters: Wheelchair guy, Segway Guy, Irresponsible Dad, Effective Shopper, Moped Couple, and Pogostick Man. We’ll add more characters in time. Each character will have its own ‘chapter’ containing 10-15 levels made specifically for that character. And there will be an additional set of levels where you can choose any available character. This means that you will be able play Happy Wheels unblocked anywhere without a web connection. Editor There will be a simplified level editor where users can create their own levels. Initially it won’t be as robust as the online editor, but all of the current hazards, various items, and shapes (not polygons) can be added and modified. The levels can be saved locally on each device or shared between devices via email or Airdrop. Later we’ll add a public level browser similar to what is available in the browser version. Controls The onscreen controls are simplified as well.  There are buttons for forward/reverse, lean left/right, special, and eject. We’re trying to keep the layout consistent between characters, but in some cases, the number of buttons or layout may vary. Compatibility Again, these are subject to change. Our build target is iOS 6 and up.
  • iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6+. And although we advise against it, it should install on the iPhone 4, but there is a noticeable drop in framerate.
  • iPod Touch 5th generation. Like the iPhone 4, it should install on an iPod Touch 4th gen, but it will probably run slowly so we advise against it.
  • iPad 2, 3, 4, Air.
  • iPad Mini 1, 2
Price We thought about this a lot and considered several different revenue streams. In the end we decided that we would simply sell the game for $2.99. However, for the first couple days, the game will be on sale for $1.99. We realize paying for Happy Wheels unblocked for school is a touchy subject for some users, so share your comments below. Release date Unfortunately we can only say that we’re getting close. Each week we decide to add more to bring the experience closer to the browser version. We’re at the point where we need to develop levels and then do beta testing. There is a faint light at the end of the tunnel. We appreciate your patience. We may post a video soon. Android We tested an Android port and the results were pretty promising. We’ll make more progress on it after the iOS version is done. At this point, it’s too early to talking about an Android release date.

Happy Wheels iOS Now Available!

You can now download Happy Wheels for iOS. The approval came sooner than we expected. If you search for "happy wheels unblocked", we're currently the 22nd result, so you'll have to do some scrolling. It's exhausting, but possibly worth it.

Happy Wheels iOS deep thoughts

After only one day, Happy Wheels unblocked is ranked as the #1 free app in the iOS app store! Why? I don't know. I'm guessing a lot of you must have tried it out. It sure is exciting. Forget those apps that help you navigate home or communicate with your significant others. They have always been worthless. Repeated failure and human dismemberment are what's important in life. Thanks so very much to all the new and long term fans for putting the game where it currently is. I have no idea how long it will stay there. I wanted to address a few things regarding the mobile game that some of you may be wondering about. As you may have noticed, there is no user level browser. There is also only one character available for the 15 levels we provided. The game was released this way because the most important thing was just to initially get Happy Wheels demo unblocked accepted into the Apple App Store. Segway guy is probably the most tame and easy to control of all the initial characters. Seeing irresponsible dad and his son explode as they are crushed under a van isn't the first thing I wanted the people responsible for judging the game to see. User levels introduce a huge risk where someone could release a level that violates some of Apple's guidelines and immediately get us taken down. This has never been a problem on the internet, where I can apparently put whatever the hell I want into the game.Now that the game is in the store, and things like Mortal Kombat X exist, I think it's safe for us to slowly introduce the rest of the game. I know there are a lot of new casual players who have never seen the game before, and I'd like them all to know, preferably as soon as possible, that there is a lot more that they haven't seen. There will be a user level browser, and we will release "featured" levels for other characters as soon as we have some quality stuff. As for the android version, we're very aware, especially after these last 24 hours, that there is a high demand. We're working on it. I can't even play the mobile game on my own phone until this happens, so I'm looking forward to it as well.

What is new in iOS update 1.0.6 and Android

When I began work on the iOS version of Happy Wheels unblocked, I questioned whether or not it would be accepted into the App Store at all. I found examples of bleeding limbs, gibs, blood explosions and screams in iOS games, but no one example seemed to put all these effects together like Happy Wheels unblocked does. Also, at the time, the App Store guidelines were intentionally vague in places, "What is objectionable content? We know it when we see it." So I submitted our little game and breathed a sigh of relief when it was accepted with a 12+ age rating. However, the App Store and its guidelines are living, breahting entities that change over time. Eventually one of our updates was reviewed by someone who felt the violence was not "cartoon/fantasy", but "realistic", requiring an age rating of 17+ (and banishment from the Brazilian App Store–Sorry, Brazil!). We didn't love this as many Happy Wheels unblocked players are below the age of 17, but we went along with it and really nothing seemed to change. Goody.But then the App Store issued an objection which was not as easily remedied: inury to Irresponsible Dad's child. We were always a bit concerned that this might be an issue and if so, how would we work around it? We ended up going with the obvious solution which was to disable injury to the child. Before anyone throws their arms up in angry protest, I suggest you try it. The child can fall off the bike and will ragdoll, but always remains intact. If you find this lack of violence utterly offensive, let us know. We're considering an alternate solution. Because of the aforementioned changes, it was easy to implement the option to remove blood/gore from all characters. This option can be found in the Option > Advanced Options. This was request made by a few people... very few. With that out of the way, the update 1.0.6 also includes levels 1-5 for Wheelchair Guy. I am actively working on the Android version. After other solutions failed, I decided to go with a pure C++ rewrite of the code. This is unfortunately the best, but slowest solution. At this point, I've got the base characters working as well as couple of the vehicles. It's a good start, but it's still a ways off. Sorry about that. I'd give a more specific timeframe, but I would be guessing and probably inaccurately. I'll try and keep this short. Happy Wheels unblocked game for iOS has been submitted to the App Store. The average wait time is 8 days. If it's approved, it should be available next week. Most of the info in this post is still accurate except for two big details. First, we're starting small and launching with just the first chapter featuring 15 levels for Segway Guy (known as "Business Guy" in iOS). We'll add more later. Second, the download will be free with ad support. For $1.99 you can remove ads (and this will also unlock future chapters as they become available). Here's the video I promised you about 100 years ago. Watch it at 720p for 60 frames per second.

Happy Wheels Cartoon

If you hadn't guessed by the title of this post, there's going to be a Happy Wheels cartoon! I'm actually pretty excited about it now that it appears to be happening. Bunim-Murray, creators of the educational Kardashian series and the Real World, contacted me with interest in creating a digital series, and we eventually worked something out. The series will be part of Machinima's new programming slate. Yesterday I attended Machinima's newfronts event where they announced Total Jerkface Happy Wheels unblocked Demo game along with several other new series. There was free pizza. I met RoboCop, and I discovered we had a lot in common. As far as work is concerned, it's very rare for me to be involved in anything with other people, so it was a nice change to be networking with other living individuals in my field.In case you were worried, the vast majority of my time will still be spent on video game development as that is still what I enjoy most. I will only be participating in this series in an advisory, creative role. However, based on early discussions, it seems like they are very much on board with creating something true to the game and have already shown me they are very capable. I've already had to come up with a lot of character information Happy Wheels unblocked history that I had never even thought of before. I'll keep everyone updated on how things progress.

fixes and stuff

Oh god....just looked at my last news post date, and I can't believe I've been fixing my last broken update for multiple weeks now. It involved so much reworking of old code, and is all the more evidence that starting from scratch is a much more effective process. I think it's finally stable though, and I added in a few additional things...
  1. polygon shapes can now scale
  2. you can easily revert art and polygon shapes back to their original scale
  3. you can flip art and polygon shapes on their horizontal axis
  4. art and shape counts have been greatly increased. If it runs terribly, it's your fault, JERK!
Most likely I will be updating this post again after discovering my failings, or with a few new minor feature updates. Besides that, it seems official that I'm going to be working with some people on some non-game related Total Jerkface Happy Wheels Unblocked demo game stuff. I'll be less vague when stuff starts happening. And with a random plug... a friend of mine recently released a music video and needs some views... please check it out here.

color glitch

I keep getting emails about a color glitch in the editor, but I've not changed anything related to the color selector in the last year. I imagine it may be an issue with a particular updated version of the flash player, but I'm not able to replicate the issue on my pc or mac. If you're having that problem, leave a comment below with very specific details, such as your operating system, browser, and flash version (right click on the game and the version number should be at the bottom). If you've not yet noticed, there's a new bug reporting form for the site here. For future site and game issues please use that. There's also some new email addresses on the terrible about page.

Holiday news for the Total Jerkface Happy Wheels Demo Unblocked Game

Hey guys, I've been meaning to make a post about the Santa update. WHAT YOU ARE READING RIGHT NOW WILL BE THAT POST.If you didn't notice, Santa Claus is now the eighth playable character in Total Jerkface Happy Wheels Demo Unblocked game. He's the first character to consist of 3 people. He also has no wheels. That's ok, I made this game and I will do whatever the hell I want! Understand? The next couple characters will probably be a bit simpler. At this pace, all 25 slots will be filled in only 4 years! I hope flash still exists by then. And I will try to go faster I guess. I am still up in the air about what the I'd like to keep doing. The month of December was absurdly amazing in terms of traffic. Thanks to some very popular youtube channels, traffic has tripled from the previous high. Also, thanks very much to Adura, we've made some great backend optimizations, and the site can actually handle the traffic. All of that seems to clearly be telling me to continue working on the flash version of the game. I'll most likely end up dividing my time between this and continuing to learn c++/opengl (I think I've rambled on about this before, but got sidelined by Santa). I've got so many stupid, smaller, simpler ideas for other games I'd like to make. In any case, thanks so much to everyone for playing Total Jerkface Happy Wheels Demo Unblocked game this past year and allowing me to continue doing what I think I'm supposed to be doing. By the way, 1.52 was just a few Santa bug fixes as well as error handling stuff Jason did that should eliminate blue loading screens. The next thing I do in the game might be a simple drawing tool, or zombies that attack your character. The next thing I will do in real life is plan my dinner. Happy New year in a few days.

What to do if happy wheels unblocked game do not work

Happy Wheels demo now has some sound. If you're not seeing the new version, clear your cache and refresh. Thanks so much to my friend Jack Zankowski for the intro song, "SuperPretzel". He's been my most musically talented friend for quite some time (other musical friends ignore this comment). Go to his site, pekopeko.com, and tell him to make more songs for Total Jerkface Happy Wheels Demo Unblocked Game. Besides sound, other changes include (i'll be forgetting things here): - Saving levels will work much better now. If you were logged in when you opened the game, and it remains open, it will always save unless your internet is retarded. - Non-interactive shapes... in the editor, you can now make regular shapes that will just be treated as artwork. This way you can make signs or decorations or whatever in the background without running into them. They will also not take away from the number of physical shapes allowed (300 max). Instead you will be allowed 1000 art shapes total. - You can now set groups to sleep. You can even group objects that don't have their own sleep property, like spikes, and set them to sleep. - I fixed the featured levels list, so I can actually add levels in there that are made by people other than myself. I'll pick some today. - When listing Levels and replays, only 50 load at a time. Previously I was loading upto 1000 at a time. This makes things a lot faster. - When searching for levels by name or author, it automatically checks for all uploaded times rather than just the past week. - When completing a level your time is displayed. - spikes work better I think that's about it. I'm not entirely happy with the sound effects. For many past levels with few special objects, things sound very empty as there aren't sounds for groups and certain shapes. I'd also like to put in more character vocals for more events. It's good enough for now though, and any new changes will all have to wait as I hate working on sound.


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