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Dr. Drew Slammed for Saying Jenelle Evans Needs ‘Containment'

Must Jenelle Evans be "contained"? That's what Dr. Drew the host of the assembly Teenager Mother 2 mentioned Monday, November 13, all through the primary a part of the particular and the enthusiasts are extraordinarily offended.

Following Jenelle's interview, her mom, Barbara Evans got here on degree. She defined that Jenelle would no longer pass out along with her as a result of her daughter continues to be offended that she may no longer have Jace . Remaining Would possibly, Barbara and Jenelle entered right into a custody settlement – whilst Barbara would retain the main custody of Jenelle's eldest son, Jenelle would now have a set visiting agenda.

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the special, the mother of the star Teen Mom 2 explained that of all the former friends of Jenelle, her husband, David Eason is " the most dominant. "

Just for David, Jenelle needs containment, right? This is one of his problems. She could not be contained, "said Dr. Drew. Barbara replied, "They are like two peas in a pod."

After the segment, fans immediately took on Twitter to slam the host for his comments.

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"Dr. Drew is so fake that it's disgusting," a spectator wrote. "You don’t point out abuse and keep watch over as an effective way to comprise a lady.You're intended to be a qualified.Appearing as one."

Any other added "Dr. Drew pronouncing that she wishes any individual to comprise her is simply crooked. She's no longer a zoo animal.

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During the special meeting, David convinced Jenelle to leave after Dr. Drew pointed out that she had "a history of being attracted to aggressive men."

"He's trying to make her angry and it pisses me off. I'm leaving, "said David behind the scenes during the segment. When she came back for him, he told her that she could stay or go with him, but he was leaving. In the end, she left with him

"I can not mentally do that anymore," she told executive producer Larry Musnik. "And you can hear that from my therapist."

The second part of the meeting Teen Mom 2 will be broadcast on MTV next Monday at 9 pm. AND.

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